Monday, February 11, 2013

Emily's 5th birthday

How old are you?    four, actually five
What's your name?    Emily Anne
What did you like about your birthday?    Getting my rockstar book
Did you like anything else?    I liked my game.  My princess game.
What is your favorite color?     Pink, uh every single color is my favorite color.
What did you want for your birthday?     I really wanted Barbie, uh, actually books.
What are you exctied about being five?     Going to kindergarten and getting gold stickers.
What can you tell me about your family?     My favorite thing about my family is playing.  Actually, having family home evening with them. 
What do you like about your brother and sister?     Thay share each others love.  I like playing with them.
What do you like about Daddy?     Daddy's nice and he loves us, and I am done.
What do you like about Mommy?    What I like about Mom is she's nice and she loves us.
That's exactly what you said about Daddy!     Well, you guys are both the same!  You are nice and you love us!!   Now write, "I am done!".
Emily turned five last month.  I can't believe how big she is getting and that we are getting ready for her to start school next year!  I love how much love for life she has.  This girl wants to have fun and play all day long.  (In fact she complained most of her birthday about not having a party, or cousins or friends over, etc.  By the afternoon I was very tired of telling her that we were not having a party this year.)  I love that she still says a few words wrong.  Bery instead of very, sompfing instead of something, uhman instead of human, ooze instead of use (or oosually instead of usually;  ooseful instead of useful).  Emily loves to help me cook and got a cook book and some easy bake oven things for her birthday that we have already used several times.  Emily loves spending one on one time with us.  She also loves making crafts.  She loves to play with other girls and idolizes her older cousins, Malia and Ellie, who are Max's age.  Boys in general are tolerated and will do in a pinch if no girls are available to play, but they are not her first choice of playmates. 
I substituted in her primary class several months ago and Emily got to stick pictures on the board of the kids who were there that day.  She put herself up first and then kept sliding all of the boys over to the other side of the chalkboard until she got to her friend Kealia whose picture was allowed to go up next to Emily's picture.  (Their class is mostly boys.)
She still loves dresses and skirts, but no longer refused to wear pants and shorts.  She is definitely a girly girl and loves all things pink, purple, sparkly, twirly, etc.  We just love our little Goosey Girl!!  Happy 5th Birthday Emily!