Thursday, January 20, 2011

6 Months Old

Jane turned six months old last week. What a sweetie she is with such nice big cheeks! We just love our Baby Jane!! Her new trick is rolling onto her belly ALL THE TIME. She can't remember how to roll off her belly, and is quite a spitty baby, so her belly is not my favorite place for her to be, but if I roll her back over she immediately rolls back onto her belly. Silly girl. She loves to stick out her tongue, especially when we are feeding her baby food or rice cereal, and she loves watching her big brother and sister. Max is always performing for her and she just watches him all the time to see what crazy things he is going to do. She loves her Daddy and is always smiling when she sees Jeff and loves to grab his beard. To be fair she loves to grab everyone's faces. She is getting pretty close to sitting (if only she would understand that she needs to BEND at her waist to sit) and is starting to babble words like "dada". She also loves holding toys and, of course, putting them in her mouth. She is still not consistently sleeping through the night and seems to have an anti-snuggling gene, but she is just so sweet tempered that it makes up for those little things.

6 month stats:
length - 27.5 inches (96%)
weight - 16.4 lbs. (58 %)
head - 17.1 inches (78%)

On a side note: I took Max and Emily for their yearly check-ups at the same time. Max was a little leery of Dr. Kathy. He went second for both his exam and his shots. Emily, on the other hand, was not shy at all. She spent the whole appointment jabbering on to the doctor about everything. I am constantly amazed at how different they are in personality and temperament. When I decided to take all three of them together I planned on it being a little chaotic, but my kids were so well behaved I wondered whose children they were! I actually left feeling like a good mom. ;) I'm sure they'll make up for it some other time.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Darn It Barbie

Emily asked me today if her barbie was Darn It Barbie. I couldn't figure out where she would have gotten that from until Max pointed out that is what Ken says on Toy Story 3. So now Emily has Snow Wipe Barbie and Darn It Barbie. Both who love to parade around our house naked. You gotta love how a two year old's mind works.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We had a great Christmas and we were lucky enough to have half of my family over to spend the evening and day with us. I had Max and Emily pick out a small gift for each other because I wanted them to start thinking about giving at Christmas, not just about what Santa was going to bring them. It took a little convincing to talk Max out of giving Emily a truck, but we finally got him to think of something SHE would like. They opened their gifts from each other on Christmas Eve, which was nice because they're gifts got a lot of attention instead of getting lost in the pile of presents the next morning.

Max picked out a Polly Pocket mermaid for Emily. She spent the rest of the evening "swimming" and singing for her little mermaid. Emily picked out a monster truck for Max. It's one of those cars that you can pull back and it will then propel itself forward. It was fun to see how excited they were to give their presents to each other.

And here's the reason I stopped blogging again last month:

I was spending all of me free time building this play kitchen for the kids for Christmas. It's hard to work on stuff like this with three kids, one of them a nursing baby. It turned out so cute, and I'm trying really hard to not nitpick about all the little imperfections. I got the plans from this website. She has free plans to build practically everything. I made the kids beds this spring from her site, that I never blogged about because I was lazy. Next on our plans is the play house with attached swing set. Oh, and a bed for our room. And some shelves to hold my fabric.

The kids played with their kitchen for a while and enjoyed their stockings while Jeff got breakfast in the oven and we waited for Seth and Jessica to arrive. The kids also got hooded bath towels that my wonderful friend engraved their names on, matching dresses for Emily and Jane, and Max got a piggy bank and his own soccer ball. He was trying to drag his dad and uncles outside all day to play soccer with him.

It was such a nice relaxing day, especially since I was finally done with my Christmas crafts. I've got to scale back next year because the holidays are not very fun when I have too much on my plate. Now I'm just trying to summon enough energy to take down the Christmas decorations.